Community Building & Social Media Management

We are looking for a talented social media marketing manager to join our team.

About SYQEL:
We’ve developed the world’s first (and best) AI powered music visualizer.
It is currently being used by 3 primary audiences: DJ’s (that stream), EDM music lovers, Psychedelic music lovers.

Role Expectations:
The ideal candidate will handle all of our social media profiles hands on. The work includes but is not limited to:
1. Regularly posting to our social media profiles
2. Growing our following & communities
3. Managing our live streams – interacting with users and increase engagement
4. Promote our music visualizer to DJ’s, Producers and casual listeners

Must have’s:
True passion for EDM music
Great communication skills
Proven community building experience

Please email [email protected] with your CV and cover letter.

Only relevant applications will be answered.